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What makes us different than other sites?

We only do hockey! Other sites handle recruiting for all sports. They give you a teaser with free access and then you are hassled by advisors who try to sell you on a recruiting package for thousands of dollars. They do not get results. Our site allows you to be in control and get your video and stats into the hands of the people who make the decisions. We do this for a very low yearly fee of $99.

What leagues should I send my profile to?

You want to send your profile to the league you want to play for in the following 1-2 years. If you are 14 years old, you should not be sending your profile to College coaches yet. You should be sending to the boarding schools. If you are 16 or 17 years old, you should be sending to U-18 or Junior programs. PLAYERS WHO DO NOT FOLLOW THIS MODEL WILL ONLY UPSET POTENTIAL FUTURE COACHES AND OUR SITE WILL FLAG THEIR PROFILE.

How do I make a video for my profile?

We suggest you find game film on live barn or have someone record you playing. Take these videos and edit them by using I-Movie or any other editing software. Post them on YouTube and link the YouTube URL to our site. An example of one player profile can be seen below:

What should my video show?

We suggest that you show all aspects of your game. Don’t just show you scoring goals. Coaches want to see a well-rounded player both in the offensive and defensive zone. Show some scoring, some passing, and some defensive zone play. Coaches want to see what you have to offer in 2-3 minutes so don’t waste your video on wasted ice time. Edit wisely. For Goalies – try to show all aspects of your play from side-to-side to rebound control and even some stick handling.

Prep school or U-18/Juniors - which is the better route?

There is no right answer to that question. The key is to be playing at a level that is challenging and will help you with your development. Every player that is going to play college hockey will most likely play a year or two of junior hockey. The progression now is Prep to Junior hockey or U-18 to Junior hockey.

What are junior boarding schools?

Junior Boarding Schools usually go to 9th grade and are a great feeder system into secondary prep schools. They play the prep school JV teams as well as other junior boarding school teams. Prep Schools like to take players from these schools, as they know they have already lived away from home and can handle the academics of a secondary boarding school. These schools are very popular with many hockey players from areas that do not have as much exposure due to location. Many kids are from the South or West Coast, but many of the players are also from the New England area.

What if I do not want to play junior hockey?

As stated earlier, most Div I and Div III programs are filled with kids who have played juniors. There are many club teams listed in our directory for kids who still desire to play college hockey and many of these teams do not have former junior players on the roster (ACHA DIRECTORY)

Who should contact the coaches?

Coaches and GMs like to see players advocate for themselves. We ask parents to guide and oversee, but the parents can sometimes hurt the recruiting process if they become too involved. The exception is the 13- or 14-year-old who is looking to go to a junior boarding school.

Can I be seen without sending my profile to a coach?

Yes. Coaches, Gms and Scouts that use our find-a-player tool do search for players that fit what they are looking for. Many junior and college coaches will search for kids that are not of junior age yet to find potential future players and put them on their watch list.