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Advisor’s role in a player's career.

Having a family advisor can be a very helpful tool for any hockey player who is looking to advance their career. What does an advisor do and what should you look for in one? For starters, an advisor should do just as the name indicates...advise. Look for an advisor who does not force you into certain situations, but advises you on the opportunities that are available. In addition, your advisor should have knowledge of current NCAA rules and regulations. A good advisor should make sure that nothing you or they do is in violation of NCAA rules that would jeopardize a player's eligibility.

A good advisor will also have a number of connections with coaches across the hockey world. They should be able to have several options or opportunities for you and your family to consider. Do not expect your advisor to be a placement service. That is not their job. Their job is to find opportunities where a player has the potential to be successful. Look for an advisor with experience, who will help guide you and your family through this process. Remember, the advisor cannot guarantee admission into a school, making the team out of a tryout or a players ice time. That is up to the players. An advisor should be someone you rely on for information, guidance and to help navigate all the opportunities that a player has.

Advisors do charge a fee for their services. It can be a yearly fee of $2500-$3000. Some charge a one-time fee for life. You should discuss fees and terms with an advisor at your initial call and call several advisors to check terms.

Suggested Advisors

Dave LoPresti
MCN Sports Advising
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